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Music Ministry

Patty Powers, Director of Music Ministry with David Marinelli on Keyboard and Bass Guitar

Patty Powers
Patty Powers

Welcome to The Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living’s Music Ministry! All who enter the doors of the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living are uplifted by the joyful expression of music that is shared on Sunday.

Dave and Patty
with David Marinelli

Music touches our hearts and feeds our souls. We are privileged that our music is provided by Patty Powers and David Marinelli each Sunday morning.

Thank you for being here! At the Center we Believe Music energizes, uplifts, inspires, soothes, and arouses joy, love, calm, laughter and serenity. Please join us every Sunday morning for our Service at 10 a.m.

Guest vocalists and musicians join us frequently on Sunday and our evening service on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

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